1841-1863: Performance

In Berlin the Grimm brothers occupied first an apartment in Lennéstraße, then in Dorotheenstraße and finally in Linkstraße. In two adjoining studies they built their personal library, which had increased to many thousand volumes. From Berlin both undertook numerous journeys, Jacob e.g. to Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Bohemia and Austria, Wilhelm e.g. on the river Rhine, to Saxonia and Silesia. Beside their work on the “German Dictionary”, the first volume of which came out in 1854, they crowned their unique academic performance with further scientific treatises and critical academic editions.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm had a major impact on the Assemblies of Scholars of German Language and Literature in Frankfurt (Main) and in Lübeck in 1846 and 1847 by means of their works as well as by means of their attitudes which were steeped in ethic principles. One year later Jacob became a delegate to the first National Assembly in the Church of St. Paul’s in Frankfurt. As recognised scholars and politically active persons, the brothers died in Berlin in 1859 (Wilhelm) and 1863 (Jacob). They are buried side by side at the old Matthäi Cemetery.


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