1837-1841: Persistance

After their dismissal from the civil service at the University of Göttingen, the Grimm brothers returned to Kassel, where they were accomodated by their younger brother Ludwig Emil in his house at “Schöne Aussicht” (Bellevue). Jacob had to leave the Kingdom of Hanover, “within three days”, not later than December 1837, Wilhelm returned in October 1838 with his wife and the three children. Jacob drafted in Kassel the manifesto of their political protest, which was completed by Wilhelm in Göttingen; it was then printed in Basel. In October 1838, the Leipzig publisher Salomon Hirzel joined a contract with the Grimm brothers on the elaboration of a “German Dictionary”.

In November 1840 the new Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV called both brothers to the Royal Academy of Science on Bettina v. Arnim’s advice, with the right but not the duty to teach. In March of 1841 they moved finally from Kassel to Berlin and hence worked from then on in the Prussian, later German capital.


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