1814-1829: Appreciation

In Göttingen the Grimm brothers worked as librarians and professors at the, in 1737 established, State University of the Kingdom of Hanover. They lived in the Allee (today: Goethe-Allee) near the library, and gave lectures on law, mythology, language and literature. At the same time, they published further outstanding collections of medieval, not only German, literature and scientific treatises. In 1830 Wilhelm’s son Rudolf was born, in 1832 his daughter Auguste. In 1833 their only sister Charlotte unexpectedly died in Kassel. She left behind three sons and one daughter.

The tenure of the Grimm brothers in Göttingen ended abruptly. In November 1837 they protested with five fellow professors against the revocation of the constitution and the dissolution of the Hanoveran “parliament” by Ernst August, the new king of Hanover. As a consequence, they not only lost their positions at the university, but also had to leave the kingdom. Unemployed, but highly respected throughout Germany and Europe, they returned to Kassel, where they were soon supported by private donations.


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